Welcome to the Ada County Air Quality Board’s website.

If you find yourself here, that means you have an active interest in keeping the Treasure Valley’s air clean and healthy – So do we!

The Air Quality Board’s mission is: To ensure the vitality of the Treasure Valley airshed through enforcement of vehicle emissions testing in Ada County and through education efforts across the valley, emphasizing the importance of air quality to our overall health and economy.

Over half of all vehicular pollution comes from only 10% of the vehicles. By identifying the dirtiest vehicles and getting them fixed the emissions testing program has been able to reduce vehicular pollution by about 18%.

If you have to get your vehicle’s emission test done – you will find locations listed here.

If your vehicle has an emissions problem – we can help you find an accredited mechanic to fix it.

If you wonder what else you can do to Treasure the Valley’s Air – we will show you simple everyday steps that can make a difference.

The health of our valley’s air is tied to the health of our valley’s economy – so let’s all Treasure the Valley’s Air!